Tim Bunce wrote:
Damian Conway wrote:
> Dave Whipp wrote:
> >I'm not a great fan of this concept of "reservation" when there is no
> >mechanism for its enforcement (and this is perl...).
> What makes you assume there will be no mechanism for enforcement? The
> standard Pod parser (of which I have a 95% complete Perl 5 implementation)
> will complain bitterly--as in cyanide--when unknown pure-upper or
> pure-lower block names are used.

That's going to cause pain when people using older parsers try to read
docs written for newer ones.

If I understand you correctly, the pain to which you're referring
would come from the possibility of a name that's reserved by the newer
version of Pod, but not by the older version.  Wouldn't the simplest
solution be to let a Pod document announce its own version, much like
Perl can?

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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