Darren Duncan schreef:
> TSa:

>> And I still think that it is a good idea
>> to name the set operations after their equivalent boolean
>> connectives:
>>   (|) union
>>   (&) intersection
>>   (^) symmetric difference
>> Well, and to make them Bag operations to start with.

> To start off with, I agree with your comment about making Set the
> main type and making Bag an extension built upon that, as complex is
> built upon num, etc.

I don't think that will work out. Modification of a Set is more complex
than modification of a Bag, so in that sense the Bag is the main type.

> This may be a non-issue from a user's viewpoint, but as a user, I
> want set operations that have sets as input to return sets as output
> by default.  Eg, unioning 2 Set that have common values should return
> a Set.

Or base it on what the receiving end wants.

> I see the matter as being similar to Int vs Num.  Any operation whose
> operands are Ints should return Ints wherever it is conceivable to do
> so.  In particular, this means that dividing an Int by an Int should
> return an Int.

  Int three = 3 ;
  Int four  = 4 ;
  Num n1 = three / four ;
  Num n2 = 3 / 4 ;

(Is "Int three" the same as "my Int three"? I hope so.)

Groet, Ruud

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