At 10:54 AM +0100 11/28/06, Ruud H.G. van Tol wrote:
 > To start off with, I agree with your comment about making Set the
 main type and making Bag an extension built upon that, as complex is
 built upon num, etc.

I don't think that will work out. Modification of a Set is more complex
than modification of a Bag, so in that sense the Bag is the main type.

On the contrary, I would say that a Bag is more complicated than a Set, both conceptually, and implementation-wise for many types of implementations.

For conceptual, with a Set, you just know that a particular element either does or does not exist in it. With a Bag, you additionally have a count of how many times that element exists (with a more practical Hash-like implementation), or you have an actual multiplicity of instances (with a less practical Array-like implementation), which is more information and more complicated.

Look at these implemented in terms of a Hash-like collection, for example. A Set only has to maintain the list of keys, while the Bag also has to maintain the associated count values for each. When Hash values can be safely never defined, or ignored or dropped at any given time, as with the Hash-like Set, there is less work to do than if any of them are accounted for.

What I have said above is the same message regardless of whether Set and/or Bag are immutable or mutable, though I assume that as Perl 6 already has Set being immutable, then if Bag were added, it would be too.

-- Darren Duncan

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