Smylers schreef:
> Ruud H.G. van Tol:
>> Darren Duncan:
>>> TSa:

>>>> set operations ... make them Bag operations to start with.
>>> I agree with ... making Set the main type and making Bag an
>>> extension built upon that, as complex is built upon num, etc.
>> I don't think that will work out. Modification of a Set is more
>> complex than modification of a Bag, so in that sense the Bag is the
>> main type.
> Is this still the Perl 6 _Language_ group?  The one where we consider
> what Perl 6 will do, and leave the implementation details to others?

I don't consider much in this thread implementation oriented. In the
part that you quote, I mentioned that putting a hierarchical order on
Set vs. Bag has problems, because that order only applies to one side of
them. The order was used for fall-back, to which I mentioned a context
driven approach (like wantarray).

Affijn, Ruud

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