Thomas Wittek wrote:
Larry Wall schrieb:
> I think the ¥ and Y operators are going to have to change to something else.

Very probably I missed something as I'm only a distant observer of the
Perl6 development: Why not just call it "zip"?!
There is a function called zip, wouldn't it be possible to create an
operator with the same name?

zip(@a; @b) -> function
@a zip @b -> operator

Or would that lead to grammar ambiguities, that are impossible to resolve?

more generally, could we say that any function that has no parameters
other than a list - i.e., :(*@) - automatically gets a list-infix
operator form as well?  e.g.:

 my sub zip([EMAIL PROTECTED]) { ... }

could be called with

 zip (@a; @b; @c)


 @a zip @b zip @c

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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