I'd be more inclined to go
the other way and say that you can transform any list infix form to
the corresponding function form:

    @a ZZ @b ZZ @c -> zip operator
    ZZ(@a; @b; @c) -> zip function

    @a XX @b XX @c -> cross operator
    XX(@a; @b; @c) -> cross function

    @a X*X @b X*X @c -> cross product operator
    X*X(@a; @b; @c) -> cross product function

    @a MM @b MM @c -> minmax operator
    MM(@a; @b; @c) -> minmax function

I'm not strongly opposed to this, unless they're the *only* forms of
the functions. If the very much more readable 'zip' and 'minmax' are
to be replaced with 'ZZ' and 'MM', then I think that's a serious step
backwards in usability.


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