Thomas Wittek wrote:
Damian Conway schrieb:
If the very much more readable 'zip' and 'minmax' are
to be replaced with 'ZZ' and 'MM', then I think that's a serious step
backwards in usability.

Fully agree here and I think that there are still even more places,
where the usability could be improved:
Say more words/letters, less symbols/special characters.
Especially special characters (shift + num: [EMAIL PROTECTED]&*...) are harder 
type (I think I can type a 5-char word a lot faster than shift-5 = % -
additionally the shift-wrench disturbs the typing flow) and above all
harder to read/intuitively understand/learn/remeber than plaintext keywords.

Of course there will always be a trade-off and special characters are
the most usable choice in many cases. But I also think that in many
other cases "words" will be more usable.

As the usability of a tool greatly influences it's acceptance and usage,
this is a point, where we really should think about.

It's madness, MADNESS I tell you!

Beware: this way leads to PERLBOL! :-)


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