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> > Hi Marc!
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> > May I forward my reply to the list?
> Yes, you may. Sorry for replying probably too late, thanks for asking
> first!

OK. Replying to two different list (which I'm not subscribed to).

> > > Well, to me, that very much sounds like "we do not openly admit it,
> > > we want to have Perl 5+1 working now, not whatever the Perl 6 people
> > > claim they will deliver 5 years ago".
> >
> > Heh. Well, I don't expect to be able to duplicate the Pugs
> > in a short time. :-). However, if you look at:
> >
> > http://www.shlomifish.org/rindolf/
> I wasn't clear then. Many peopel do not want a completely
> different-in-spirit language called "Perl6", but many people atcually
> a language very much in spirit as Perl 5, just with a few important
> done.

Sorry, but the phrase "different-in-spirit" rankled me a little bit.  Perl 6
is definitely NOT different in spirit. In fact, Perl 6 is all about the
spirit of Perl but changing some of the details that have held it back. All
of the spirity things of Perl 5 are still present in Perl 6: TMTOWTDI, easy
things easy, hard things possible, etc.

Jonathan Scott Duff

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