At 11:43 -0700 5/14/07, Larry Wall wrote:
>In other words, the sigil is consistently a noun marker in Perl 6, even when a 
>sigil is used on a verb.

It would seem to me that a preprocessor, written in perl of course, could 
easily respond to "DIMENSION noun AS double" statements or whatever you like by 
adding the appropriate sigl every the noun appears without it.

As for "too late" I do have a problem. I started with perl 4 or so as MacPerl 
with Apple's MPW as a shell. Now, at age 72, I do worry that perl 6 may be too 
late for me. It's been two years since I got to the point of using the * sigl 
in perl 5 and I still have a lot to learn about that.

FORTRAN forever.

Applescript syntax is like English spelling:
Roughly, though not thoroughly, thought through.

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