Jonathan Lang skribis 2007-05-14 14:52 (-0700):
> Good examples.  Now could you provide some to explain to me why it's
> important to distinguish between '$', '@', '%', and '&'?

It's useful code self documentation, but not very important, in my

If you have sigils, it makes sense to have different sigils for
different things, because that allows very nice shorthands (remember how
this thread was originally more or less about avoiding clutter?) like:

    sub foo (@bar, $baz) { ... }

And of course, different behaviour in list context:

my @quux = (@foo, @bar);  # These arrays "foo" and "bar" flatten
my @quux = ($foo, $bar);  # These arrays "foo" and "bar" do not

That's a subtle yet very useful distinction.

But this is "just" very handy, not important.
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