John Macdonald schrieb:
> It's also, in many cases,
> harder to edit - that's why a trailing comma in a list that
> is surrounded by parens, or a trailing semicolon in a block
> surrounded by braces, is easier to manage.

Now that the list is surrounded by parens makes clear that it ends with
the closing paren and not with a line break. So you could still use
commas (without backslashes) to separate the items over multiple lines.
See e.g.

> Having punctuation where there is a stop is more natural than
> having an explicit marker for "don't stop here, keep going".

That's the pro-semicolon reason that makes most sense in all comments
that I've read so far in this discussion.
But maybe that's just something where you have to get used to.

Thomas Wittek

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