Christian Mueller wrote:
> i don't know the actually state in the discussion about multiline
> comments, but i would propose an idea.. a combination of POD's = and the
> traditional route char...

Perl 6 already has a robust system for multiline and embedded
comments, as described in S02 under "Whitespace and Comments".  In
brief, multiline comments are handled by means of POD sections, while
embedded comments are handled by '#( ... )', where '(' and ')' can be
any matching pair of one or more bracketing characters.  The only wart
is that '#( ... )' cannot begin at the very start of a line; but it's
easy enough to get around that restriction - say, with some leading

There was a brief flirtation with the idea of having '#(' at the start
of the line begin a multiline comment instead of simply being an
error; but the notion was quickly abandoned.

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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