On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 11:28:54AM -0800, Jonathan Lang wrote:
: Paul Hodges wrote:
: > http://perl6.org/doc/design/syn/S02.html still says:
: >  "Intra-line comments will not be supported in standard Perl"
: This is wrong, since S02 also defines intra-line comments, under
: "Whitespace and Comments".  It calls them 'embedded comments'.  You
: don't need a 'use' statement.

Note that the document on perl6.org is nearly three years out-of-date!
Anyone know who runs that site?  We need a better GC algorithm. :)

The best place to read synopses right now is probably perlcabal.org/syn
because it has the test suite interspersed, so you can easily click
to see test examples if you don't understand a particular passage.


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