Gianni Ceccarelli wrote:
> Please don't put this in the language. The problem is harder than it
> seems (there are European languages that pluralize differently on $X %
> 10, IIRC; 0 is singular or plural depending on the language, etc etc).


> I know Perl is not "minimal", but sometimes I feel that it will end up
> being "maximal"... and the more you put "in the core", the less
> flexibility you get in the long term.

This _does_ appear to be something more suitable for a Locale::
module.  I just wonder if there are enough hooks in the core to allow
for an appropriately brief syntax to be introduced in a module: can
one roll one's own string "interpolations" as things stand?  E.g., is
there a way to add meaning to backslashed characters in a string that
would normally lack meaning?

Do we have the tools to build "$m tool\s"?

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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