On Wednesday 26 March 2008 11:08:15 James Fuller wrote:

> can I add a few unsolicited ruminations from a lurker;
>    * just release perl 6 now and move on

To what extent?

Larry "just released" Perl 5 some 13 and a half years ago, and there've been a 
few patches applied to it in the past 24 hours.  (I wrote one of them.)

If we released the current most-complete version of Perl 6 right now, we'd 
release code that's difficult to install, requires a difficult-to-install 
version of GHC, is out of date with regard to several tests and portions of 
the design, and is staggeringly slow.

I can imagine that not everyone in the world would find that endearing.  How 
many of them would stick around for Perl 6.01, let alone Perl 6.10?

>    * do not hire 40 year olds with responsibilities, convince the
> young to spend their time for free ... isn't that what one is supposed
> to do after the age of 40 ?

I'm under 40, and I've spent five years of my life working on this for free.  
I don't understand this idea; where does work magically happen?

>    * use all funds to promote its usage, not fund its development

See point one.

>    * look at successful OS orgs like mozilla and apache (different to
> each other yes) and copy their techniques

Their business plans started with:

1) start with corporate backing and paid developers

We're approximately eight years late for that.

> a systematic plan past these points will then be possible.

I think you're assuming a lot of "MAGIC HAPPENS HERE" points.

-- c

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