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> What all of myself, chromatic and Richard Hainsworth seem to appreciate is
> that a plan without resources to back it up is almost guaranteed to be
> ineffective.  Even more than that, we have an appreciation that planning

I always relate OS development to how the genetic algorithm works;

e.g. a successful OS development typically works quite happily even
without a lot of upfrontplanning (though major 'weeding' can be
required) or a major spot on the horizon to navigate towards.

its ruthless in what dies (projects failing) and what succeeds
....however it does need a few self organizing principles; a large
gene pool,  heterogeneity and the ability to mutate to respond to
short duration events, oh ya and the ability to mate .... right we can
leave the last one off ;)

I do not pretend to know how this specifically relates to getting
'critical mass' of development on perl6 to be feature complete ...  my
comments were a bit casual; I do not think that its right to release
perl6 for the language, but it might be 'right' to do for language
adoption .... no doubt cathedral / bazaar forces are in effect.

cheers ,Jim Fuller

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