On Tuesday 25 March 2008 10:50:15 Richard Hainsworth wrote:

> What the perl6 language needs now is a systematic development plan, with
> broad aims and clear goals that will lead to good quality software and
> to the tools to enable ordinary programmers to use perl6 for a variety
> of tasks.

Richard Dice mentioned that I should elaborate, lest it sound like I'm trying 
to lecture Richard Hainsworth (not my intent, and I apologize for doing so).

It's important to keep in mind the degree to which one or two volunteers going 
on vacation can slow the progress of Rakudo (for a recent example) or to 
which one or volunteers putting in a few extra hours of visible work can 
improve the progress of Parrot (for a slightly less recent example).

A plan that includes some degree of funding will help Perl 6 arrive much 
sooner.  Previous plans glossed over this part, which is one reason they 
didn't work out in the long term.

I just want to make sure that any discussion of a plan acknowledges that 
there's a fixed amount of work to go and an unknown amount of available 
resources to implement the plan.

-- c

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