I'm reading S02.pod with version information:
  Last Modified: 17 Mar 2008
  Number: 2
  Version: 130

Meta-question 1: what is the succinct way to report this?  Is the "Version 130" 

Meta-question 2: Does this belong on a different mailing list?  I'm also 
including the documented file maintainer as a direct recipient.

3: I copied the file from <http://svn.perl.org/perl6/doc/trunk/design/syn/> 
which I'm told is the up-to-date home.  When I ran pod2html, I got a warning 
that 'encoding' is an unknown directive, and also see that the HTML title is 
simply "TITLE".  Do I need a special version of pod2html, or how do I run it 

4: "Whitespace is not allowed between a variable name and its subscript. 
However, there is a corresponding dot form of each subscript"
The use of "however" looks like it is meant to imply that the dot form allows 
you to add space.  I think this wording is leftover from the "long dot" 
explanation, but now is out of place.  I suggest dropping the "However," from 
the sentence.

I'm also wondering, in general, why we still have the dot forms of the 
subscripting (and other postfix operators) when the long-dot has been replaced 
by the unspace concept.  


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