Larry Wall wrote:
In general, we're trying to get away from want-based context dependency
and instead attempting to encourage lazy semantic constructs such
as Captures that can behave with a wide dynamic range when actually
bound later.

Shouldn't we then change the heading of the respective section
from "Advanced Subroutine Features" to "Deprecated Subroutine

For instance, Arrays now behave such that, if you use one in numeric
context, you get the number of elements, so unlike in Perl 5, you need
not decide at return time whether the array is in item or list context.
You just return the array, and it will act much like it does in Perl 5
if you use it in a numeric or boolean context.  Since the default
return type is Capture, it doesn't matter if you declare the "of"
type as Array or not, since the Capture doesn't force either item or
list context on the Array either.  It should behave much the same in
either case, except that if you declare the "of" type as Array, you
give the compiler/optimizer/type inferencer more information to work
with at compile time.

Note that this implies Seq <: Num <: Item <: Seq which is a cycle!
Dealing with cycles is not within the reach of type system because
these need <: to be transitive.

Regards, TSa.

"The unavoidable price of reliability is simplicity"
  -- C.A.R. Hoare

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