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I guess with strong you mean as lossless as possible?

I think the type is just :( $: :named$ ) if you want to extract the invocant with a $ prefix. Otherwise it would be :( $, :named$ ) and you extract the item positionally with prefix @ or .[].
I don't want to have to "extract" it.  I want to be able to say

     $x = foo

and get the single value return from foo, and only dress it up if I want the optional secondary returns

     my ($x, :$named) = foo;   # or something like that

Note that Captures
are immutable and therefore nicely covariant. Except of course that
containers are captured as containers and can be mutated. But Larry
revealed that single assignment semantics are aspired and mutability
is a historic artifact or so.

Regards, TSa.

Sorry, you lost me again.

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