John M. Dlugosz wrote:
chromatic |Perl 6| wrote:
All classes imply the existence of a role of the same name.

Please justify that.

A class is an defined, referenceable entity with a "signature" composed of the bits visible to a particular caller. It is possible, by downloading the source or reversing the binaries, to produce a role which will have the same signature.

Since perl is, historically, more about DWIW than about objektheorimastursecuricontraktifibation, the WTDI seem to come down to "develop an overblown introspection system that will let me almost but not quite do what everybody knows I'm trying to do," or telling perl, "yeah, give me something just like that."

If it makes you feel introspective, you might argue for calling it .asRole or something, but, you know, "Let that boy boogie-woogie -- it's in him and it's got to come out!"


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