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- if u want to add a role to an existing object, perl wraps the object into a class, adds the role, reinstantiates the object.

As I understand it, Perl inserts a new anonymous class as the object's parent, and adds the role to that. The object isn't reinstantiated or otherwise modified, just reparented.

As for the assertion in the subject: one could conceptually see a class being composed of a "role part" and a "class part". Using the object as a role would invoke only the "role part". (I would prefer some kind of indication that this is intended, e.g. a cast or maybe an adverb selecting the role.)

It seems to me that the jargon of 'inheritance' normally applied to a relation between objects and classes is misplaced in perl6. It is rather classes 'inherit' roles (like animals inherit genes from parents). Objects emerge as

You're just using the wrong model, I think. You need to look at the Smalltalk/OREXX/Ruby mixin model, in which you can mix new parents into individual objects; not the C++/Java model where an object has a fixed class that defines its "shape" and any inheritance must be done as part of that class or its superclasses.

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