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One thing we realized at that time is that XPath is good enough, even if
it seems to be adressing XML specifically, it has the concept of
"dimension" that can be extended to represent arbitrary aspects of

Hmm. Back in March, before I discovered that perl6 was actually far enough along to start using a bit, I wrote an article which includes information about what I do and don't like about XPath:


It basically recommends that there be two path dialects, Complex TreePath (which is basically XPath) and Simple TreePath (which is basically a somewhat modified version of glob).

Now that Perl6 is in the mix, though, I think that the best way to do it is to make roles that model eg. Nodes, Plexes (Documents), Elements, and the like, and then have operators on them do all the work (like my idea of using a slash for a combined feed and call code operator). I could be wrong, but it seems to me that we could get something that's somewhat like XPath this way, without having to worry about defining an XPath grammar or anything.


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