* Martin D Kealey ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [081202 04:37]:
> On Tue, 25 Nov 2008, Dave Whipp wrote:
> sub setstat(String|File $filename, StatBuf $stat) {
> ...
>     if $caps.CAP_FOWNER {
>       # we're privileged, so it *should* just work.
>       POSIX::chown $filename, $stat.uid, $stat.gid;
>       POSIX::chmod $filename, Fcntl::ST_PERM($stat.mode);
>       POSIX::utime $filename, $stat.mtime, $stat.atime;
>       return;
> ...
>     if catching_exception(IO_error) {
>       throw IO_error(EPERM, $filename, "Can't give file away");

Implementing things this way is as big a mistake as doing this:
(Perl5 syntax)

   if(-r $fn)
   {   open READ, '<', $fn;
       while( <READ> )

For the two reasons:
  (1) you have a race condition: the permission may change between
      the test and the actual open().  In very rare cases, which
      makes those bug hard to trace
  (2) the check itself is flawed: whether you can chown() does not
      only depend on the OS, but also on the disk: might be a CD-ROM.

The only correct way to implement it, is simply try chown() and
handle the error.  Yes, you need quite more code for that.

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