On Tue, 24 Mar 2009, Timothy S. Nelson wrote:

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009, Richard Hainsworth wrote:

My choice would be a lion, perhaps one lazing in the sun. The meaning that it is lazy, but it has raw power when it needs, and is the king of the jungle.

        Is there a way we can also show it to be impatient and hubristic?  :)

Alternatively, if we stay away from animals, then how about something to do with parallelism, or super-positioning, or even a strange attractor, since perl6 can be strange and yet it is attractive.

Ok, I've attached a logo mockup of lazy, (supposedly) parallel lions that are strangely attracted to each other. Think of this logo mockup as a wiki -- feel free to hack on it, especially if you can get the lions to be hubristically superpositioned while also remaining parallel and attracted.

Or, if we made the magnetic lines of force hexagonal (inspired by Conrad Schneiker), and superpositioned (ie. superimposed) the whole thing over the Parrot logo, that would be kinda cool. Although if we keep going like this, the logo will look like a Graeme Base picture.


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