Replying to myself on the quantum thing, as I mentioned an image involving an transparent overlap of two generally mutually exclusive things (each a very simple image for the logo's sake) could have all sorts of symbolism. I mentioned the Junctions meaning already, but I wanted to add that in general it speaks to the idea of combining things in a package, or particularly to Perl's TimToady concept, or to that artist's comment about others seeing a block of wood but that person seeing whatever it would turn into once carved. But yes, I think that whatever logo we have would be better to have 2 distinct and overlapping elements than just a single element.

Replying to at least 3 others, can we please go back to keeping the Perl discussion lists for text only emails, and keep image attachments etc out? Please just post a url to your image ideas rather than attaching them. Who needs 200K individual emails when a 3K email and a link works fine.

Thank you. -- Darren Duncan

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