>From a high-level perspective, the blackjack example seems perfect for
junctions.  An Ace isn't a set of values - its one or the other at a
time.  It seems to me if you can't make it work with junctions - f you
have to use sets instead - then there's something wrong with the
implementation of junctions.

On 3/27/09, Daniel Ruoso <dan...@ruoso.com> wrote:
> Em Sex, 2009-03-27 às 08:57 -0300, Daniel Ruoso escreveu:
>> So I get that we do need some cool support for sets as well, I mean...
>> no collapsing, no autothreading... but maybe some specific behaviors...
> As an aditional idea...
> multi infix:<⋃>(Set $a, Set $b) {...}
> multi infix:<⋂>(Set $a, Set $b) {...}
> ...as well as the rest of the set theory...
> daniel

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