Em Sex, 2009-03-27 às 09:17 -0400, Mark J. Reed escreveu:
> From a high-level perspective, the blackjack example seems perfect for
> junctions.  An Ace isn't a set of values - its one or the other at a
> time.  It seems to me if you can't make it work with junctions - f you
> have to use sets instead - then there's something wrong with the
> implementation of junctions.

It would be a junction if the only question was "is it bigger than

but that is not the case, it looks more like...

Given S as the set of possible sums,
Given V as a subset of S where < 21
Given I as a subset of S where > 21
If V is empty, Define X as the minimum value of I
Else, Define X as the maximum value in V

Which really looks like set operations...


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