Mark J. Reed wrote:
> From a high-level perspective, the blackjack example seems perfect for
> junctions.  An Ace isn't a set of values - its one or the other at a
> time.  It seems to me if you can't make it work with junctions - f you
> have to use sets instead - then there's something wrong with the
> implementation of junctions.

That seems as naiive as saying "regular expressions are for parsing
text, and if you can't parse XML with regular expressions, there's
something wrong with them" .

Leaving aside that Perl 6 regexes do parse XML ;-), we could ask
ourselves why junctions aren't suited. The answer is that an any()
junction represents just what it says - a conjunction of *any* values,
not some of the any values. The example would perfectly work if there
was nothing to filter out. You'd need 'some-of-any' junction here, which
we don't support.


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