Raiph Mellor <raiph.mel...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Anyhoo, I'd love to see a session of brainstorming, with nitty gritty
> detail, about possible ways to get what you guys and Mark and I and
> perhaps others think we would like to see in the way of super tightly
> woven together comments and code, where said brainstorming initially
> works within the creative constraint of leveraging the P6 spec as is,
> plus reasonable extrapolation of unspecced bits. Think grammar
> morphing, aspects of macros, the existing unfinished POD6 spec, and
> any other relevant existing bits I'm forgetting.

Excellent idea. But may I suggest you perhaps might like to hold off
that discussion until next week?

@Larry had some very fruitful discussions about the long-overdue Pod
spec during YAPC::EU last week and, as a result, I plan to (finally!!!)
release a new version of S26 this week-end. I very much hope that this
new revision will satisfy The Overmeer Desiderata [1] too.


[1] Sounds like a Robert Ludlum novel, eh?

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