On Mar 8, 2010, at 11:04 , Carl Mäsak wrote:
commitbot (>>>>), Brandon (>>>), Mark (>>), Carl (>):
+ has $!age is ref; # BUILD will automatically use ref binding, not copy

Perl6 isn't done until it has reinvented Algol 68?


I'm not sure what exactly the repercussions of doing attribute
initialization with 'is ref' are apart from that. Brandon, if your
oblique reference to Algol 68 meant something more than what I
uncovered above, feel free to enrich the discussion by sharing what
you know about the possible consequences of spec'ing things this way.

I imagine Brandon was more referring to pass-by-reference, which was
introduced into procedural HLLs by Algol-68.

Oh! It was that simple.

Right.  And just a joke, not a complaint about the language.

Meanwhile, the uncanny similarities between Perl 6 and Algol 68
continue to strike me:

And *that* is why I'm cracking Algol 68 jokes here.  :)

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