On Thu, 8 Apr 2010, Carl Mäsak wrote:

We (mberends and masak) just pushed a commit to S32::Temporal which
completely replaces what we had before. The changes are rooted in
hours of discussion on #perl6, and we feel rather more confident with
what we have now than with what we had before.

That said, discussion is very welcome.

I do want to explicitly credit Dave Rolsky, whose work on the DateTime
family of modules on CPAN has informed much of the current spec,
sometimes to the point of verbatim copying.

Allow me to point out that Dave Rolsky acually wrote or designed a reasonable portion of what was there before the edit by "lue" (with other parts having been written by myself). I figure Dave is the biggest expert we have on the topic, and hopefully he's learned from his mistakes in implementing DateTime. My understanding was that the spec at that time incorporated things he'd learned. Thus, I'd like to see his work as the basis for this.

Thus, I'd like to see an incremental evolution from the pre-lue version, based on discussion between Dave Rolsky and other interested parties. Times and dates are not as straightforward as they look. Feel free to turf out anything I wrote, though :).

Allow me to point you all to at least one previous discussion on the matter.



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