Darren Duncan wrote:
Dave Rolsky wrote:
On a smaller point, I think second vs whole_second is the wrong Huffman coding. I'd think most people want the integer value.

Well, whatever you call things, the most important thing is to keep the seconds count as a single number which can do fractions, or if you really must break them up, then have the fractional second part as a real in 0..^1. The whole "nanosecond"-integer-fixed-onesizefitsall-subsecond-precision thing is a terrible hack. Keeping a single number for seconds is best from a conceptual and a usability and a math point of view. If users only want the integer value, then they can just store the second as an integer in the first place. As for the name, well "whole_second" can be made shorter, or its value could automatically truncate if users assigned it to an Int.
my Int $x implies a constraint, *not* a coercion. That's:


Though even clearer and same number of characters as whole_seconds is:



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