On Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 7:17 PM, Damian Conway <dam...@conway.org> wrote:
> And is it really so hard to teach: "use underscore by default and reserve
> hyphens for between a noun and its adjective"? Perhaps it *is*, but
> then that's a very sad reflection on our profession.

I'm not sure if the intersection of people who speak English and
people who program is better or worse than average when it comes to
grammar, but I do know (from editing my share of writing) that the
average is very bad and, further, that many programmers do not speak
English as a first language, or at all.

I'm having trouble imaging any convention that involves mixing word
separators being successful.  Maybe a completely deterministic one
like "hyphens after vowels, underscores after consonants," but that's
pretty nonsensical.  I think it has to be all hyphens or all
underscores within a single method name, with the only wiggle room
being a possible convention that dictates a different word separator
for different kinds of methods.

(My personal preference: methods_like_this(), just like in Perl 5.  My
second choice: methods-like-this().  Either way, no grammar knowledge
required beyond knowing where one word ends and another begins—and
even that's not a universal skill!)


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