Doug McNutt wrote:
${A-1} = 3.14159;
$A = $A-1;
$A = $A -1;
$A = 123E-2;
$A = Pi();
$B = sin ($A-1);
$B = sin (${A}-1);
$B = sin($A -1);

-2**2 = -4 except when it comes out +4 as in MS Excel.
_2**2 = +4 in some other languages that use _ as a unary minus operator.

Will editors be bothered when I try to include "-" in the list of characters 
that are considered words when double clicking? When doing a find and replace all as 

Is the unicode equivalent of   allowed in a variable name?

See for your answers.

Essentially, I believe that any character at all is allowed in a variable name. Its just that for most characters, when you use them the variable name has to be quoted. The common unquoted identifier syntax is much more limited, and is mainly what was being discussed here.

-- Darren Duncan

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