Peter Scott wrote:
> Am I the only one who sees a hyphen and thinks "binary minus"?  Just 
> because the parser can disambiguate this use of it doesn't mean the 
> reader's brain can do so as easily.

It's all a matter of practice.

Since variables begin with sigils, and you should put whitespace around
infix operators anyway, it's not really hard.

Have you tried looking at actual Perl 6 code that uses hyphens? I have,
and I didn't find it hard.

> (I assume we're talking about the same character, 0x2D, and not something 
> from further afield in the Unicode tables, right?)


> Also, what happens when code gets run through mailers or other programs 
> that think a hyphen is an acceptable place to break a line?  Does the 
> code still work after copy and paste with that newline inserted?

The existence of broken tools shouldn't stop progress -- rather the
progress should encourage us to fix broken tools (or replace them with
better ones).


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