This is an idea that originated in #perl6 during a discussion with slavik (
http://irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2010-01-17#i_1907093). The goal is to allow
Perl 6 source code to be written in natural languages other than English.
The motivation would be to make programming accessible to a lot of people
who don't know English well (or at all), to make it easier to teach
programming to kids in non-English speaking countries, and just plain fun.

Currently, since Perl 6 (afaik) supports Unicode identifiers, the only place
a modification is required would be in the keywords. However, it is not a
simple matter of substituting s/keyword/local_language_keyword/ since the
resultant phrasing might be awkward or meaningless and unreadable (examples
in the linked discussion). It requires reordering the syntax of each

Is it possible to do this at a module level? If so, how much English usage
would that require before someone could start programming in their own
language - say, two, for a shebang line and a "use Lang::<Language>" line?
or zero, by using "perl6 -MLang::<Language>" in the command line?

Are there any ongoing works in this vein?


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