Am 23.06.2010 22:51, schrieb Aaron Sherman:
Moving on to more general theories on the matter, I believe that localized
dialects of programming languages are always a bad idea.

I totally agree.

However there are things that can be translated to other languages, and that is documentation, error messages and warnings.

The latter two require that we standardize exception types and messages, and provide some means to load different localizations.

If somebody could take on that project, that would be really great for non-English speakers (and would also help the standard, English implementation, because standardize exceptions make testing of meaningful errors much easier).

That would be a real benefit for the Perl 6 landscape at large, and probably not all too difficult (I'm sure that implementors of compilers and will help with technical details where necessary, I for one would do my best to integrate such an effort into Rakudo).


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