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> Hi,
> This is an idea that originated in #perl6 during a discussion with slavik (
> http://irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2010-01-17#i_1907093). The goal is to allow
> Perl 6 source code to be written in natural languages other than English.
> The motivation would be to make programming accessible to a lot of people
> who don't know English well (or at all), to make it easier to teach
> programming to kids in non-English speaking countries, and just plain fun.
> Currently, since Perl 6 (afaik) supports Unicode identifiers, the only place
> a modification is required would be in the keywords. However, it is not a
> simple matter of substituting s/keyword/local_language_keyword/ since the
> resultant phrasing might be awkward or meaningless and unreadable (examples
> in the linked discussion). It requires reordering the syntax of each
> construct.
> Is it possible to do this at a module level? If so, how much English usage
> would that require before someone could start programming in their own
> language - say, two, for a shebang line and a "use Lang::<Language>" line?
> or zero, by using "perl6 -MLang::<Language>" in the command line?
> Are there any ongoing works in this vein?

It is a bit hard for me to imagine how that would look like in RTL
languages such as Hebrew or Arabic.
Would the sigils be still at the beginning of the word?
Would the assignments go from left to right?

;שלי $משתנה = 42

and I could not manage to type in a for loop via the Gmail interface
as it was turning around all the time.

What I'd like to see is a Scratch-like tool for a subset of Perl 6
that can actually generate Perl 6 code.

I know, I talked about it already a year ago.


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