Solomon Foster wrote:
> Ranges haven't been intended to be the "right way" to construct basic
> loops for some time now.  That's what the "..." series operator is
> for.
>    for 1e10 ... 1 -> $i {
>         # whatever
>    }
> is lazy by the spec, and in fact is lazy and fully functional in
> Rakudo.  (Errr... okay, actually it just seg faulted after hitting
> 9999968746 in the countdown.  But that's a Rakudo bug unrelated to
> this, I'm pretty sure.)

You took the words out of my mouth.

> All the magic that one wants for handling loop indices -- going
> backwards, skipping numbers, geometric series, and more -- is present
> in the series operator.  Range is not supposed to do any of that stuff
> other than the most basic forward sequence.

Here, though, I'm not so sure: I'd like to see how many of Aaron's
issues remain unresolved once he reframes them in terms of the series

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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