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> 2) We deny that a range whose LHS is "larger" than its RHS makes sense, but
> we also don't provide an easy way to construct such ranges lazily otherwise.
> This would be annoying only, but then we have declared that ranges are the
> right way to construct basic loops (e.g. for (1..1e10).reverse -> $i {...}
> which is not lazy (blows up your machine) and feels awfully clunky next to
> for 1e10..1 -> $i {...} which would not blow up your machine, or even make
> it break a sweat, if it worked)

Ranges haven't been intended to be the "right way" to construct basic
loops for some time now.  That's what the "..." series operator is

    for 1e10 ... 1 -> $i {
         # whatever

is lazy by the spec, and in fact is lazy and fully functional in
Rakudo.  (Errr... okay, actually it just seg faulted after hitting
9999968746 in the countdown.  But that's a Rakudo bug unrelated to
this, I'm pretty sure.)

All the magic that one wants for handling loop indices -- going
backwards, skipping numbers, geometric series, and more -- is present
in the series operator.  Range is not supposed to do any of that stuff
other than the most basic forward sequence.

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