this morning I installed the 2016.01 R*. Now I'm at the NYC perl6
study group, and a helpful neighbor asked me to start up p6doc. It
gave me an error about EVAL being dangerous, and after opening a
ticket & adding "use MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL" to my source, I got
"Undeclared name:    CompUnitRepo used at line 32"

And it looks like my p6doc is from an earlier install, circa July
2015. Now, if back in July, p6doc had "use 6.0.0" in it, and if today,
Rakudo would see that and say "ah back then we didn't need
SEE-NO-EVAL," then p6doc would still work.

Please module authors, start using "use 6.c;" at the top of your
modules. Please Rakudo contributors, consider making spec
compatibility as described in S11 a reality:

"say something like

    use Perl:<6.0>;
    use Perl:<6.0.0>;
    use Perl:<>;

if you want to lock in a particular set of semantics at some greater
degree of specificity."


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