Are you using windows?

>From the recently updated

"p6doc was broken on Windows. Fix is to, with Git in the %PATH%,
"panda --force install p6doc" and delete C:\rakudo\bin\p6doc.bat."


On 6 February 2016 at 19:30, yary <> wrote:
> this morning I installed the 2016.01 R*. Now I'm at the NYC perl6
> study group, and a helpful neighbor asked me to start up p6doc. It
> gave me an error about EVAL being dangerous, and after opening a
> ticket & adding "use MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL" to my source, I got
> "Undeclared name:    CompUnitRepo used at line 32"
> And it looks like my p6doc is from an earlier install, circa July
> 2015. Now, if back in July, p6doc had "use 6.0.0" in it, and if today,
> Rakudo would see that and say "ah back then we didn't need
> SEE-NO-EVAL," then p6doc would still work.
> Please module authors, start using "use 6.c;" at the top of your
> modules. Please Rakudo contributors, consider making spec
> compatibility as described in S11 a reality:
> "say something like
>     use Perl:<6.0>;
>     use Perl:<6.0.0>;
>     use Perl:<>;
> if you want to lock in a particular set of semantics at some greater
> degree of specificity."
> -y

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