On 2016-02-06 11:35 AM, Brandon Allbery wrote:
On Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 2:30 PM, yary <not....@gmail.com> wrote:

    this morning I installed the 2016.01 R*. Now I'm at the NYC perl6
    study group, and a helpful neighbor asked me to start up p6doc.

This is something of an edge case. It is reasonable for stuff that is supposed
to ship *with* perl6 to bend the rules; the problem is that nobody realized that
p6doc was broken (this was discovered earlier today), so R* silently (grumble)
didn't include it and you got some other p6doc instead.

I agree with yary. I also think that dog-fooding it should be done where possible. If stuff that ships with perl6 can't be written using all the same best practices as code users should write, then its a problem. This includes not having "use v6.c". While exceptions may exist, any time they do, that should become a case study for whether there is truly a good reason for the code to work that way, or if there isn't. Keep in mind that the standard libraries are right now some of the primary examples Perl 6 developers would have to look at on how to write Perl 6 code. -- Darren Duncan

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