At 19:02 -0600 2000.09.10, Tom Christiansen wrote:
>>In more of an attempt to be constructive, what if we identify the key
>>aspects to the AL that people like and then, for Perl 6, find legal
>>counsel to review and help draft a precise legal license with those key
>Here's what I like: *LARRY AND LARRY ALONE* gets to say what happens to
>that thing we call "perl".   The Artist deserves to the right to assert,
>or to choose not to assert at his discretion, what befalls his Creation.

Absolutely.  But I think it could be interesting to discuss what a new
version of the AL might be.  I mean, EVERYTHING going on in these perl6
groups is subject to Larry's approval on some level or another.

I am more interested not in discussing a "new AL" as it might pertain to
perl 6, however, but just as a license in general.

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