>> Here's what I like: *LARRY AND LARRY ALONE* gets to say what happens to
>> that thing we call "perl". 

>The plan of this working group is to propose RFCs for Larry's later perusal
>about what should happen with copyright and licensing of perl6.

You misunderstand.  I was talking something else, about what rights
the author should have over what happens to his own original artistic
creation while nevertheless allowing said creation to be incorporated
into others' creations.  

    "This thing here is mine.  You can use any of it you want to
    do anything you want, and I have no rights to *your* own work.
    However, you cannot mislead the public by misrepresenting your
    own *additional* artistic elaborations upon my work as being
    anything other your own efforts, not mine.  You must clearly
    admit that these embellishments are yours and not from the
    original, but you don't, of course, have to do anything else
    about/with them.  In short, you must be honest."


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