"Bradley M. Kuhn" wrote:
>Russ Allbery wrote:
> > Surely there must be someone in the Perl community with either
> > intellectual property law experience or a willingness to chip in to a 
> > to hire an intellectual property lawyer?

Define "Perl Community".  I am currently trying to get Karsten
Self involved.  He works for OpenSales (which has a Perl based
product) and he was the speaker at an O'Reilly conference on
free software licensing.  He is not a lawyer, but what little I
know about intellectual property basically is stuff that
rubbed off from him.

>I have been talking with Eben Moglen, a prominent law professor at Columbia
>University, and he is willing to help us in developing some proposed new
>versions of the Artistic License.

I am trying to get Karsten involved as well.

>If someone else can find yet another lawyer to volunteer to help (and/or 
>one out of their own pocket), a second opinion is always useful.
I am hoping that Karsten will be able to offer some suggestions
on the second volunteer.

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