Tom Christiansen wrote:
> >> Here's what I like: *LARRY AND LARRY ALONE* gets to say what happens to
> >> that thing we call "perl".
> >The plan of this working group is to propose RFCs for Larry's later 
> >about what should happen with copyright and licensing of perl6.
>You misunderstand.  I was talking something else, about what rights
>the author should have over what happens to his own original artistic
>creation while nevertheless allowing said creation to be incorporated
>into others' creations.
>     "This thing here is mine.  You can use any of it you want to
>     do anything you want, and I have no rights to *your* own work.
>     However, you cannot mislead the public by misrepresenting your
>     own *additional* artistic elaborations upon my work as being
>     anything other your own efforts, not mine.  You must clearly
>     admit that these embellishments are yours and not from the
>     original, but you don't, of course, have to do anything else
>     about/with them.  In short, you must be honest."

I think we can extract agreement on the following:

1. Larry is in charge of Perl.

2. Perl should be available under terms agreeable with the
   above statement.

Two additional points come to mind as my opinions:

3. The current AL probably does not convey the above in terms
   acceptable to lawyers and it is worth making it do so.

4. Perl folks are not exactly fond of litigation and lawyerly

Can we all agree on these points?  If so then we know that we
want a legally tight license, and we are pretty much agreed
on what we want it to communicate.  IMO that is sufficient to
make this is a good time to get some legal experience involved
to tell us what more we need to consider before we can get from
here (general agreeement) to there (having a license in hand
that does what we all want).

Once we have that license, of course, we will just stick it on
things and hope we never have occasion to care about it.  But
if Perl again winds up the target of something we do not like,
and the entity doing that is not agreeable, it would be nice to
have a license we know we can trust...

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