At 12:45 -0400 2000.09.11, Ben Tilly wrote:
>Chris Nandor wrote:
>>At 11:40 -0400 2000.09.11, Ben Tilly wrote:
>> >1. Larry is in charge of Perl.
>> >
>> >2. Perl should be available under terms agreeable with the
>> >   above statement.
>> >
>> >Two additional points come to mind as my opinions:
>> >
>> >3. The current AL probably does not convey the above in terms
>> >   acceptable to lawyers and it is worth making it do so.
>> >
>> >4. Perl folks are not exactly fond of litigation and lawyerly
>> >   details.
>> >
>> >Can we all agree on these points?
>>No.  I disagree with #3.
>May I ask what part you disagree with?

I think it the AL is legally acceptable.

>That it is probably not acceptable with lawyers?  That is a
>statement of fact and we have evidence for it.

And we also have statements of fact that some lawyers do find it
acceptable.  If you had said "some," I would have agreed.  But I took your
lack of quantifying modifier to be a statement that all, or even most,
lawyers find it unacceptable.  I am sure the former is false, and I
wouldn't believe the latter without specific proof (which probably wouldn't
even be worth getting).

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