At 23:42 -0500 2000.09.24, David Grove wrote:
>Whatever is done, it should be clear that a situation that exists today should
>not be permitted in the future. It should be impossible for a (corporate)
>entity, based on the GPL, to restrict the redistribution of Perl, which is a
>right seemingly granted by the AL.

No.  No one can restrict the redistribution of Perl.  You can always go to
CPAN and get the source and distribute it in any way you want to, and no
one can stop you.  What you say is patently false.

And whether an entity is corporate or not is entirely irrelevant and just
betrays your biases.

>The conbination of the GPL's freedom and the
>AL's loopholes have been a primary vehicle in damage to certain areas of the
>perl language and communities,

I'd ask you to give one example of such damage, but I realize that would be
a fruitless effort.  Suffice it to say that no such damage has existed,

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